Thursday, July 3, 2008

Win a $200 Gift Certif.

What are these teens gaping for?
Gasp! Gasp SHOCKED, MUCH?!
Oh-kayy, I guess it's official.... * GASP *

Hey! How is your summer rolling? Comment! Anyhoo... WHY is everyone gasping?! I just recieved an email from Kira Plastinina that says if you'd like to win a two hundred dollar gift certificate to K.P., visit one of her stores and enter your information into the jar OR, if you don't live near a new and fantabulous Kira Plastinina store, text KIRA to 79704.
How simple! I just wanted to let you know--Goodluck ladies :)
xoxo, Johannah
But now, instead of gasping, you're saying: SCORE!
yes! yes