Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Trendy Finds & Trendy People

Look at all these gorgeous fashionistas!
If you'd like to be in my next Fashionista Collage, email
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xoxo, Johannah

Nu-pieds Mellow yellow. Lovely and laid-back. Cutest "glads" I've seen in a while, actually. Love 'em!

Short Razy by Ba&sh. Wear these with shirt below!
Robe tunique Nobu by Iro. To me, this screams European.
Robe diavola by Diabless. You know what is scary about this? I think this dress design was in my dream last night. In my dream I was at a fashion store or event and there was a rack of these dresses in light pink and I saw girls at the racks wearing the same dresses and I thought, "why are they wearing those dresses and looking at them... and they are in the store where they bought them..looking at them." Silly stuff.
Top 3020 by Soun. I love the metallic silver, but on the other hand- I'm kind of tired of metallic-ness. What do you think? Comment!!

Sac Ridley by April- It's a French designer. Ooh-la-la! This bag is available in two colors, this one and grey. TRES CHIC.