Monday, June 30, 2008

Wild Child

Hey Readers!

I named this post Wild Child, because I am one when I put on my Diorshow Mascara is Azul! When I first started wearing the mascara, I would put a little on my top lashes... just a little. I thought people could see it so easily, but they couldn't! So, for school I would wear more and everyone would compliment me on my eyes or my mascara. Everytime I wore the blue mascara from Dior, my friend Ashley would say, "Johannah, I can't get over your mascara. It's blue! I love it!" Many people thought it was a purple mascara color, but the Dior blue is a very nice, cool hue. It isn't baby blue or navy blue. Also, it might have looked more purple when I wore brown eye shadow behind it!
blue mascara
When I'm feeling dramatic, I will line my lids on the top and bottom with white eyeshadow and then swipe on the blue. Here are some pics of my makeup and my blue and white dress! This was my favorite look for about a week!
Try blue! I really want to try other colors, but nothing obnoxious, of course. xoxo, Johannah