Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New GO INTERNATIONAL Line at Target!

Hey Fashionistas! Today I came onto the computer after work, in the evening, and checked my email. Target has a new GO INTERNATIONAL line! Totally cool. So I'm thinking, "This is just going to be full of clothes that are too weird.. maybe a few cute things." I was wrong. My first glance at the computer screen, after I had swiftly grabbed a naughty cup cake from the kitchen, was a glance of ... of... amazement. ADORABLE outfits. MODERN outfits. A TIERED SKIRT! A BLOOMER SKIRT and a CROPPED JACKET. Hallelujah!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from this new line at Target:

GO International® Ruffle Miniskirt - Jacquard Floral

GO International® Drop-Waist Ruffle Dress with Jacket $26.99 - $44.99
GO International® Printed Sundress - Midnight Floral
GO International® Slash Pocket Shorts - Pink Elephant

GO International® Ruffle Tank Top - Ebony
Sweet or Sour? Tell me what you think of this new line!
xoxo, Johannah