Sunday, June 29, 2008

Designer Spotlight: Queen Bee Jewelry

What types of characteristics must a jewelry collection have to be worn by the Vice President's wife, celebrities, and and our country's beauty rep?

Queen Bee Designs is a fantastic jewelry collection by Allison Priebe Brooks of Alexandria, Virginia. Allison's unique pieces are have been/are worn by top news anchors, celebrities, Miss America, and even Lynne Cheney!-- so they must be fabulous. Queen Bee Designs has been featured on Good Morning America, in the Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazines, Lucky, and Women's Wear Daily.
So who is Allison Brooks of Alexandria, Virginia?

Allison Priebe Brooks was born and raised in Northern Virginia. She earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Georgia in Journalism with a minor in Political Science! Smart girl! Allison decided to work in the United States Senate, wow. About three years later, she quit working for United States Senator Max Cleland because she was not enjoying her job.

Next was the step that created the life she is living now. Allison enrolled in studio art classes at the Smithsonian, which is an amazing museum in Washington D.C. if you are not familiar, and she learned to craft her own jewelry! Suddenly, people wanted to buy her handmade jewelry that she wore on her neck. This was when Allison decided to start her own business and it has become a very successful venture. Mrs. Brooks lives with her hubby and daughter, McClain, just outside of Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia.

I really enjoy finding wonderful designers. My last favorites were Stacey Lapidus (my first blog post), Alberta di Ferretti, and this other one I can't remember at the moment. My memory is escaping me! I'm so young! No!

I love most of her necklaces, whether they are from the Fun & Funky or the 9-5 Working Girl Collections! Take a look at some of my faves:

Don't you just ADORE these? I do. These gorgeous necklaces are not too pricey either. Around $45-90 for some. Lower or higher, give or take. Leave me a comment!
xoxo, Johannah


Anonymous said...

I love that you are reaching out into the community and spotlighting other stylin' girls and their businesses! That is smart! I clicked on the link to their site and thought it was a great site. Beautiful jewelry! Keep up the good work, Jo~!