Sunday, June 22, 2008

T.T.T. ~ June 2008

TIPS, TRICKS, & TRENDS for Looking Adorable and Spicing it Up! By Johannah.
Tip 1: Accent your outfit with a bold, bright colored accessory. Aly is wearing hot, metallic pink Steve Madden flats. They really brighten up her otherwise drab, black outfit. The authentic tutu adds something to the outfit as well, but you'd never wear that shopping! Before you catch the bus to school or slide into the driver's seat, slip on that sparkling bangle that makes your outfit stand out in the crowded streets, hallways, or classrooms.
Tip 2: Go all out when you wear a color. When you are getting ready to go to dinner or to a party/dance, avoid the so-norm pink dress and ignore that little black dress... pull out your fantastic, fabulous, different, eye-catching purple dress. Wear purple shoes too. Make a statement: I love purple or I don't care if you like my outfit or not. I'm so purple today.

Tip 3: Dare to be different! Slip on some "killer" shoes. Wear a bright colored tunic and a pair of killer, hot white heels. If you do go crazy with bright colors or mismatching patterns, keep the makeup on the DL. For example, if you are wearing a bright green shirt with jeans or even a whimsical skirt-- do not wear pink, shimmery eyeshadow or yellow or anything to draw attention to your face. The green shirt is noticeable by itself, don't create a circus look by adding neon colors to your make-up.

Trend 1: Cheetah print is super cute, especially in light colors like turquoise, pink, and brown. I'm not a fan of cheetah print being sexy, because I view it as youthful, not seductive. The Cheetah Girls from Disney wear this cool print and they are sweet and fun! These tanks from Pac Sun are totally adorable. Totes! (that means totally.)
Trend 2: Spotted! Girl in the middle wearing the fruity and floral patterned halter dress! No Boundaries - Juniors Print Chain Halter Dress from.... WALMART for $12.88- not even on sale. It also comes in plain black, pink, and a blue/brown heart pattern! Walmart may not be the place to be, but I do have to admit that this dress is very pretty. Rebecca is pictured wearing gold hoop earrings too, that match the gold halter rings.
NOW THIS IS A TRICK! If you put a bottle of hot sauce at least a foot away and angle your fingers correctly, you can take a picture that looks like you are holding a minuscule bottle of hot sauce! Haha, yes!

Just kidding!

Trick 1: If you ever need a dress, you can always use a long, black skirt or other skirt as a dress and belt it or tie a ribbon around it as pictured above. I have another friend who pulls off wearing a SKIRT as a SHIRT!! I will have a DIY on that later.

Trick 2: Use eyeshadow on your lips. I'm not kidding. There is a greater range of colors if you consider eye shadows. I tried this. I put on clear lip gloss and then I blended in some sweet, pink eyeshadow! CRAZY, but it works.
You can also stain your lips with Cool-Aid, if you did not already know this. Use the red colored, cherry flavored powder mix (or Jell-O powder) on your lips. Mix it with some water first.

... I heard you can dye your hair with Cool-Aid too. Cool? You tell me!cool aid man

Best Trick of All: *Always wear a smile* xoxo, Johannah