Friday, June 20, 2008

Flattering Bathing Suits

Newsflash: not everyone is a size zero.. or a size 2 or 6 or 8. In fact the most common size in taller girls is around 14! Some girls have flat bellies and some don't. Some girls are curvaceous and others are as straight as boards. Here are some flattering bathing suits for the more curvy, upper-sized fashionistas:

1. To hide thighs and stomach, you can opt for a Swimdress!
Example: White Piped Swimdressw/ Waist Control, $59.99 from (for sizes 14-32!) I think it's pretty sad that girls size 14 are considered plus size. We should have sizes 00-2 be called undersized. Just kidding :P

2. Tankini with a skirt is very cute! Don't feel pressured into wearing a bikini if you don't feel comfortable in one. Example: Midnight Metallic Print Skirtini w/ Tummy Control, $79.99 from This tankini is a super cute metallic floral bathing suit in a flattering, darker color than bright orange and pink!
Example 2: Safari Swim Tank, $44.99 from
Example 3: Beadwork Two Piece Halter Skirtini Swimsuit by Liz Clairborne for $95.00. This tankini is black.

Agh! More cute swim suits, cuter than the other ones!
The Sweetheart One Piece Plus Size Twist Front Bandeau Swimdress Swimsuit

Beach Goddess One Piece Plus Size Halter Bandeau Swimdress Swimsuit

The Siren One Piece Plus Size Shirred Crossback Sheath Swimsuit
skinnyNot everyone is this skinny... which looks a little weird anyway.
Little Red BikiniDon't worry: you do not have to look like Kim Possible to look cute in a bathing suit! I've seen not so skinny people in bikinis... be confident in what you are wearing!
Gold Tankini Hooray for the invention of the tankini!


Anonymous said...

Your heiness the Queen of Curve thanks you from the bottom of -- well, her bottom! Thanks for the attention given to those of us who have shape, LOTS of it! Hee Hee.

Johannah said...

Your welcome!
Yeah, I have another post coming about slenderizing clothes.
xoxo, Johannah.