Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer 2008- Tribal, Wild, Bright Print Dresses!!

Tropical, Crazy, Wild, Tribal printed dresses... Enjoy!

summer dresses

Hey Fashionistas! Here are six creatively designed dresses. My favorites are... the second dress on the top, first dress on the bottom row, and the last dress on the bottom row. The first dress on the top row is
Forever 21's Vibrant Silk Chiffon Dress for $29.80. Just yesterday while I was shopping, I saw this dress. The colors were a bit shocking and I resented it because I'd never wear it.
The pretty second dress is the Hazy Floral Dress for $22.80.
The third dress: Digital Tribal Dress for $24.80.
The fourth dress: Geometric Chiffon Dress for $24.80.

I've gotta add: Cheryl Baby Doll Dress from Forever 21. $24.80 Much cuter! Pretty, pretty baby doll dress. Baby dolls are my favorite style of shirts and dresses. xoxo, Johannah