Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I went shopping to check out some shops for you! Alright, look below. The gray shirt I am holding up is actually black, but the flash of the camera made it look brighter. The shirt is adorable, basic but with added cuteness because of the squarish sleeves, softness, and clingy-ness!! The shorts are super short and the buttons are uber cute :-) They are
total sailor shorts. Very nautical. My model Katie bought these shorts. Wear these fun shorts with a tucked in white blouse to show off the brass buttons or with a flowy top!

FLIP FLOPS at Old Navy are two for $5.00! My favorite colors are yellow and light pink. They are selling quickly at this location. My friends bought a couple pairs. This picture does not show it, but Old Navy had a turquoise pair.. I want them!!
I love this pink stone necklace on the golden chain. The colors are so pretty and the necklace reminds me of a gypsy with all her stones and jewels hanging off of her fingers and bracelets. Just wearing this necklace with a plain, solid colored shirt accents the outfit. This necklace is so chic and free-hanging - careless and beautiful at the same time.
The gray blouse is uber feminine. The ruffles are tres chic! This is not a very good picture, because it washes out the color. I'd wear this girly top with dark jeans and some killer heels!
These dresses are an example of how cute and cheap clothes can be at Old Navy. These dresses were just under $30.00.
Here is a mannaquin wearing a cute dress, but look at the necklace! The pink/gold stone necklace is accenting the dress. The gold chain is matching the gold hem and top part of the dress.
This halter is very cool and only about $12.00! My friend bought this striped halter and then afterwards we were in a jewerly shop and we saw another girl wearing the same one! I would wear it, but stripes are not the most flattering pattern. I opt for solid colors. I'm craving some pretty pink blouses this summer!!