Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sofft Shoes! Oh, the comfort! Oh, the cuteness!

My feet aren't perfect.
In fact, I have a bunion that sticks out on the inside- side of my foot.
My feet are wide and very hard to shop for.

Sometimes I wear shoes that hurt my feet... especially heels.
I visited an expensive store for people with particular feet, but
they only had granny shoes at that point.

I just saw an ad for SOFFT SHOES! So get this: Since 1927, Sofft Shoes has been making European style shoes that provide total comfort. They recently had an ad in the June 2008 People Magazine, where I stumbled upon the gorgeous ad of a woman in a flattering, red/white blouse, silver bracelet, and holding a pair of white sandals... the same sandals I immediately chose on the website without remembering the ones in the ad. "Adara" in black.
Cute & Comfy shoes:
Sexy slingback sandals! "Lydia" in metallic silver (the cutest color they come in!)

"Rena" I love these. I love these. I loves these.

"Galen" These sandals are adorable. I love them in yellow and beige! Check out the website, or follow my links on the shoe names. Also check out Sofft Shoes videos and articles on this page. xoxo, Johannah

P.S. I hope you all are enjoying the first days of summer 2008!
photo credits:
"Rena, Galen, Lydia." Sofft Shoes. 13 June 2008 .