Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fashion Hunt: Forever 21

Model: Katie
Brand: Forever 21
Stylist: Johannah

This Kimono dress is stunning, and also very low cut.

Darling and SUMMER CHIC dress, Chiffon Floral Babydoll Dress for $24.80.

I spotted this pink dress and I thought, "This is the cutest, most girly, pink dress ever! I love this dress! Katie, come here now!"

This tube top is dip dyed in yellow. Very cool. Wear with aviators in Europe, please! Take a picture and send it to me! Wear with white or yellow heels, thanks!

Um. I don't like this very much on the hanger, but it is beautiful on a person! Imagine yourself in this shirt and then decide before judging it too harshly. :-)
Cutest, little green dress = love.

Thigh-hugging dress! Super sexy, but very thin which isn't always the best thing. Don't wear this if you have big thighs (pear shaped person). This is great for tall, skinny females.
Rosette Bubble Dress$22.80. This chiffon dress is a brilliant turquoise color. Katie ended up purchasing this and buying cute flats from Payless ($9.00) to go with. She wore it for her last day of school.