Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trends, May 2008


I've seen these bathing suits in the past, but nobody ever wore them! Now that the cut-out b's are being advertised and more noticed than before-- women might start wearing them! Paris Hilton was spotted in Malibu wearing a cut-out with a rainbow star pattern! The bathing suit does not flatter her bosom, but her abdominals look fine because she is soo thin! Now, if someone more vuluptuous and curvy wore one of these, it could either look great (the person pulled it off!) or not flattering whatsoever.

Personally, I am curvy and I'm not stick-thin so this type of summer suit would NOT look good on me!

My friend Katie and I were checking out at a new, teen store named Garage at the mall and she found an adorable gray, with a few glittering threads, fitted vest! I had already purchased a cute party shirt for the party I was about to host, celebrating my birthday: Black, sequins above chest, and elastic at the bottom to stay tight around the booty! For my birthday, Katie gave me a Garage giftcard to go buy a cute vest. I have'nt sought out the vest yet, but SHOULD I? What do you think of this trend? I think certain vests are cute. The vest pictured has a HOOD! WHAT?! That is crazy, I don't like that at all. I also don't approve of straight-cut, boxy vests. I think the ones that do what they usually do: FLATTER CURVES and slender, but not stick thin people, are sexy. Brands that sell vests: National Jean Co., Armani Exchange, LaROK, Victoria's Secret (cheapest), Guess, and others.

Celebrities that wear them: Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie and Heidi Klum.

Rihanna, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jessica Simpson are city slick with leopard print... purses.
You might be saying, "*GASP*, I thought leopard print was out after second grade and the Cheetah Girls?!"

This is what Lee Ann German (VA, USA) says about leopard print purses:

"Only celebrities or people who want to be cool, but never will be, buy animal print fashions."

oohh, harsh.

Well, whether you hate it or you love it, the leopard print bags are back. Not to say that EVERYONE is carrying around jungle themed purses. I would never carry one around because I'd feel like a total nine year old, no offense to little girls! I just don't consider them attractive! I think of cheap, lingerie in leopard print, ew. And bed spreads of leopard print are okay-- I confess, I have a designer leopard print comforter, but it isn't the childish print. But PURSES?! Ick. I guess it depends on the personality of the person.
I wouldn't wear one, would you? Brands that sell LEOPARD PRINT PURSES: Steve Madden, Bloomingdale's, Spiegel, Dolce and Gabbana, Michael Kors and more.
Photo Credits:
Cut-Out Bathing Suit,
Vest, Victoria's Secret
Purse, Spiegel