Sunday, May 11, 2008

Recent Advice

Hi Johannah,
I saw your blog today for the first time today because I was looking at the Teen Vogue threads and saw your post and link to your blog. I really liked the blog and it was nice to see someone with my same interests sharing them with others. Well, I just wanted to know where you typically like to shop (and I mean pretty affordable places, I love big designers but I don't have the budget to have a closet full of Chanel, Gucci, Coach, Balenciaga, etc). I have a few designer pieces but not too many. Also, I don't know where you are located but, I'm in New Jersey so please don't recommend any small local boutiques unless they have a website I could shop on. Thanks please reply!
A Style Writer Reader,
Meghan xoxo

Dear Meghan,
Same over here! I love runway styles, but I can't always afford to dress in all designer clothing! Here are the best, affordable-chic places to shop:
Forever 21- very stylish and unique
New York and Co.- the best, semi-dressy clothing!
American Eagle Outfitters- preppy, totally cute
Filene's Basement- a store filled with clothes on discount and PLENTY of designer stuff :)
H&M- just awesome
Charlotte Russe- Irresistible! If you have one, they are only in several places including Los Angeles, CA.
Pac Sun- very beachy, if that is your style
Old Navy- Sometimes there are very cute things for sale in this store! It is all about the outfit and what goes well together.
Delia's - can be a little too over-priced, look for sales!
Check out racks in the department stores!! I found a Michael by Michael Kors dress that was $295 and I got it for $95
Urban Outfitters and Gap have been faves of budget finds in magazines such as Glam Magazine! You can always go online to shop as well. Boutiques in New Jersey: Anik Boutique, La Bella Dolce

I'm so glad you like my blog! Keep reading and forward the blog to friends! Johannah