Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 7th, 2008- THE MET GALA

Let's talk about the Best Dressed people that attended the Met Gala on Thurdsay. Do we agree?

Audrina Patridge, a.k.a. the lonely and left out friend of Lauren Conrad.
Do you like this sunshine-y ensemble?

I don't think it is classic or lovely, some might think this short, bright dress is... quite annoying. (

I applaud Cameron Diaz! First of all, she matches my text colors PERFECTLY. Okay, just kidding. This dress is gorgeous. I love the jewerly combination with the dress. Bravo! Comments to add? Feel free to post!! (

Alright, go to and look along with me at the MET GALA 2008 Pics!

Check out photo #3: Kate Mara in Zac Posen. I love the colors in this picture! Somehow, I think the bright yellow dress works for Kate. The shoes? Not so much. What do you think?
Photo #8: Lisa Airan in Rodarte. When I first saw this picture I said, "WHAT? HOW IS THAT BEST DRESSED?" Lisa looks so unique in this picture, I love the top part of the dress, but I do have one objection: I think her hair should have been let down and wavy or a prettier updo.

Photo #10: Lauren Santo Domingo in gorgeous Nina Ricci!

I adore this dress! Lauren looks absolutely stunning in this blue metallic gown. The waist ribbon is different, but it works. Her clutch matches perfectly. This is my favorite so far.

Photo #11: VENUS WILLIAMS in Carolina Herrera.

Venus looks beautiful. Personally, I love the colors brown and black. I want to wear this dress! I'm not sure if it looks the best on Venus, but it sure is a pretty pick!

Photo #12: Kate Bosworth in Vintage Chanel Haute Couture.

I think Kate looks very cool in this colorful, artsy ensemble. Look at the shoes! Her makeup is also perfect as well. She looks cute and angelic.

Photo #18: Samantha Boardman Rosen in Giambattista Valli.

I lovee the fabric, but I'm not so sure about the style of the dress. Puffy at the bottom it looks like? Tell me what you think!! Would you wear this?!

Photo #20: Chanel Iman in 3.1 Phillip Lim

This It Girl has it going on! I believe this dress would only work on certain people, and it works on Chanel! I'm not so in favor of the belt. Do you like the ruffles? Imagine this dress in light pink? Would that be a nightmare?

I love opinionated people, so sound off! Write a comment. xoxo, Johannah

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