Monday, May 12, 2008

This Week's HOT FIVE! 5/10-17

Starting at Number Five...

5. Minty Moisturizer from Paul Mitchell
Your hair is thirsty! It is crying out for help from its split ends and withery look. This lavender (which eases anxiety) scented shampoo improves your hair's strenth and shine! Quench your thirst, and get this shampoo and condish for $12-26.00 depending on the size you need. Lavender, mint, and tea tree... doesn't that sound wonderful to you?
4. Tint Yourself!
Check it out ladies, this is a temporary bronzing mousse! If you are in a rush to get to the next party, quickly spray yourself with this Neutrogena Sheer Body Tint. It dries fast and is very convincing! Get out of the sun or the tanning beds (tsk! tsk!) and drop those smelly tanning lotions!! You need to try this product! I know I will try it, and when I do, I'll post pictures to prove it!
3. Natural Cleansers!
Lately, organic and eco-friendly products have been on the rise, grabbing the attentions of teens and adults! Burts Bees has been around for a long time, but is coming out with new products that are packaged in boxes printed with soy ink! Ren, from Britan, says "no way!" to synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, and other harmful chemicals. Lavanila has a lovely Healthy Body Butter, a "toxin-free treat" ( and sells for ONLY $25.00 at Sephora! This super eco-friendly company packages their organic products in boxes that can be planted! Check this out: YES TO CARROTS C ME SMILE LIP BALM! Wow, that was a mouth full! This lip balm is USDA-certified and is ninety-five percent organic! STELLA MCCARTNEY has a nourishing night/day cream! Stella McCartney Nourishing Night and Day Cream is organic and cruelty-free :) These are all definitely on my WiSH LiST! Go Organic, Go All Natural! (Thats the way I was raised!)
2. Ring-a-Ling-Ling!
When I go to the mall, I always go by the jewerly section because I LOVE JEWERLY! LAS JOYAS! I found the cutest ring by BETSEY JOHNSON. Yes, the crazy, older chick with bleach blonde hair and crazy advertisements! It is the Large Zebra Ring With Stone and NO, it doesn't look as tacky as it sounds :p
This ring is adorable and unique. I promise you that if you wear this around, you won't see another person wearing the same one! This ring is the perfect accessory to brighten up any solid shirt ensemble! This ring sells for $50.00
1. "SHiNE LiKE THE STARS" - Stellar Kart
Besides singing a song by Stellar Kart about shining, get your shimmer on with Victoria's Secret Shimmering Fragrance Mist from the SUPER MODEL Collection! This light spray leaves a golden shimmer on your skin. Why not opt for this instead of getting a ridiculous tan? The fragrance is fruity and floral with: Top notes: Chinese berry, Middle notes: peach blossom, and Low notes: creamy sandalwood. This lusturous spray is $22.00. Its better than any ordinary fragrance, it adds radiance! Do you trust Victoria's Secret? I like some of their other scents as well. I would try this if I had it!