Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yogurt Wash by Dial... huh?

Secretly, I've always wanted to wash myself with yogurt and so have you.

I usually use a body wash scrub with the little microbeads that are supposed to destroy dirt or a soothing night time wash for when I shower at night after a long, busy day of spreading germs. Olay has a Daily Purifying Body Wash with micro beads and sea salts to exfoliate the skin, but there is a new way to wash in the spotlight!
Dial Yogurt Body Wash comes in either Aloe Vera or Vanilla Honey… Vanilla Honey?! That sounds so smooth and warm. This wash uses yogurt protein (don’t worry, I’m sure it isn’t straight up Yoplait!) to hydrate and rinse your skin without leaving any sticky, soapy residue. My friend tried this surprising new wash and said that it is very foamy, so you “don’t need to use more than a quarter size amount” to get the job done right! Plus, it doesn't cost twenty dollars to try out a new product, it only costs $5! This reminds me of when Herbal Essence came out with their hit hair product line! I <3 Herbal Essence... and I'm sure I will love this yogurt protein infused cleaner. WHO came up with this?! If you know, tell me because I think that this person is totally genius. For the past two years, yogurt has been the new healthy snack and now its a body wash. Who would have guessed? xoxo Johannah