Sunday, June 1, 2008

Net- A- Porter Pants
Click this link to see a different take on modern pants.

The only thing I am really worried about is that the crotch of these pants reaches the knees. I think I might feel as if I am wearing a diaper. How about you?
Apparently these pants are "achingly-hip"... I feel the pain of embarasment here. They are made of silk, wool, and spandex. Sounds stretchy and soft!
Personally, I would hate wearing this pair of odd, ill-fitting pants. Would you wear it? For fun, yes I'd try them on. I would look like an old, creepy granny though. Lol :P Sound off! Tell me what you think of this unique style. Net-A-Porter has some C H I C stuff (
like this) , but I didn't see the pants coming. The pants were designed by Rick Owens (see info. below).

Background Info on the designer of the harlem style pants: RICK OWENS.
Rick Owens was born and raised in California. He studied art at Parsons in Los Angeles and then decided to take a two-year course in pattern-making. He cut out patterns for knock off and sportswear companies before embarking on starting his own label. He moved to Paris in 2003 and partnered with an Italian manufacturing company to produce his line of clothing.

The line is designed using basic colors, nothing too intricate or embroidered. His clothes are grunge meets glamour because he designs clothes appreciating teen angst, but without the angst (so more classy). Rick Owens - Dress cut waist
“My look is about an appreciation of teenage angst without actually having the angst,” Owens said in an interview. The press has labeled his designs "Goth" because of his rock-star, indie approach to fashion. Celebrities that wear his clothes include Madonna, Courtney Love, and Helena Bonham Carter. Now, Owens lives in Paris and works as the Artistic Director of Revillion - a French fur company! A look at his designs for Fall 2008: ALL BLACK!