Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pretty Little Things...

I love feminine blouses! This shirt looks almost identical to the Ted Baker London "Phluma" silk ruffle-front top ($165). This shirt is super girlie and adorable! I am in love with this shirt and the price compared to "Phluma" is about $25 at Sears. This shirt looks really skinny in the middle because there is a bow tied in the back!
This is "Gifford" by Twenty8Twelve (Sienna Miller's line). This silk, tree-print tank is adorable in pink ($280).

This super-fem shirt from Forever 21 is ruffly and cute with red and white polka dots! It also has an elastic waist, how nice!($19.80)

For $30.00 you can get this chic pink cami (Tildon Gathered Camisole) at Nordstrom BP! Check the link for a closer look.

I love the color of this feminine blouse from Forever 21! This shirt is adorable with ruffles and is made of silk. ($22.80)

"What jewelry can I wear with these girlie tops?"

You can always rely on simple, classy pearls. This set of six stretchy pearl bracelets (don't make that face, stretchy is comfortable!) is only $5.80 at Forever 21.

This vintage locket necklace from Forever 21 is $6.90. It is adorable and will look authentic and sophisticated if you don't have any old family heirlooms. I have a camo necklace from the 19th century and it is beautiful!
But as I said, if you don't have your grandmother's jewelry, opt for fake ones- they work just as well. This necklace would look great with a ruffly, light pink or gray blouse. Just beautiful.