Monday, August 4, 2008

Would you wear this trend?

Dark Red Lips: would you swipe blackish red tint on your lips?
I think the look is Gothic and romantic. I wore all black on my lips
last Halloween, which is cool looking and disgusting at the same time.
Dark red is romantic and well, dark. I would wear this trend. Would you?
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Anjanette said...

It could diffently be wearable if you mix it with the right attire I think. I mean,YSL (RIP) was able to pull it off with his models at one of his shows. Just add a black bob cut like he did and it turned out good.


Johannah said...

You're right, YSL did pull it off! I just wonder if average girls can get away with it.. I think it would take a super fashion & beauty savvy girl to do it! Thanks for the comment, you sure do know a lot! xo!