Sunday, August 3, 2008

No more puffy eyes or dark bags, please & thank you!

You are staring at EYECON: the solution to under eye bags and puffiness.


This cream eliminates puffy, annoying, and embarrassing eyes. The WORST under-eye bags I have EVER had appeared the morning after a sleepover. Here's the scene: a small basement and four girls, including myself. Four sleeping bags. A TV... We simply could not go to sleep until five A.M. I had to wake up for a SOCCER GAME at eight. So I did. They woke me up at eight in the freaking morning. All the other girls were sleeping, but NO I had to go kick a soccer ball on a cold, damp morning. I wasn't even great at soccer... at all. (I never made a goal :(... well I was about to but they blew the whistle... haha I kept going.) Too bad I was too young and did not know about EYECON by Benefit, but now I use it often, even if I did get sufficient sleep. You can wear it to bed and in the morning before you apply makeup :) I really encourage you to buy this if you need to shape up those saggy eyes.