Sunday, July 13, 2008

What to Wear: Day 3

Need help getting dressed? Style Writer to the rescue! Whether you need specific items to buy or just inspiration for outfits to wear to school, work or play... this series of outfits will get you on your way!

Outfit # 3:

H81 Baby's Breath Top, $18.90 (Forever21)

Amanda Faux Leather Belt, $10.80 (Forever21)

American Eagle Dark Denim Mini, $19.95

H81 Canvas Peeptoe Espadrille, $19.90 (F21)

Spiral Bead Bracelet in Turquoise, $1.99 (Girl Props)

Faceted Crystal Stretch Bracelet, $1.99 (Girl Props)

Why I like this outfit:

This outfit is chic with blue. I used a blue belt and blue shoes that match a cream colored shirt. The dark jeans match so much better than a pair of lightwash jeans would because they provide contrast. I added the sparkling green bracelet in, because I think that without it the outfit has less personality. The green bracelet adds a pleasant twist to a perfectly matching, cute ensemble.

Total Amount: $73.43... wow! that is the lowest priced outfit yet!!

Hope you loved it. xoxo, Johannah.