Thursday, July 24, 2008

Style Wars

I LOVE LEIGHTON MEESTER! She looks so pretty here.
Cassie doesn't look as neat, in fact she looks fake.

Cheetah Girl vs. Hills Star... AUDRINA VS. ADRIENNE!

Glenn Close and Heidi Montag wearing the same dress!
Heidi was wearing it for the Kentucky Derby and Glenn chose it for the FOX All Star Party.
Miley Cyrus wins. She looks cuter... in my opinion. I can't stand Rihanna's police hat, it bothers me too much.
Let's take a vote.
1. Leighton or Cassie?
2. Audrina or Adrienne
3. Glenn or Heidi
4. Rhianna or Miley


CoutureCarrie said...

1. Leighton
2. Audrina (but I really can't stand her!!)
3. Glenn
4. Miley

Fun post!

Johannah said...

SAME here!! I totally agree... and I liked Glenn Close way better for some reason. Maybe because I can't stand Heidi? IDK. Thanks for commenting :)

Johannah said...
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Anonymous said...

1. honestly, I like them both in different ways
2. Audrina
3. Glenn (mostly cause I hate Heidi)
4. Miley