Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aspiring Model: Macenzie Olmo

Macenzie Olmo

Height 5'62.
Weight 1103.
Nationality: African American/ Purto Rican. "I think its important to know that not all people are one race." -Macenzie

What is your dream career? My dream career is to either be a model or an actress.
Have you always wanted to be a model? No, but fashion--the clothes, designs, patterns and runway has always fascinated me.
Do you have any other careers that you are interested in? Yes, I would like to be an author for young adults/adults.
How are you achieving your dream right now? What are you doing to reach your goal? Well, I'm trying to learn everything I can about the area, focusing on my weaknesses so that I can make them stronger and just practicing and listening to my mother who knows a fair amount about the fashion industry and the world of acting.
Do you have a favorite model or someone that you are inspired by? My favorite model is Tyra Banks. I think she has made a very big impact in the fashion industry and even though she isn't modeling anymore she still manages to break barriers.
Do you have a favorite designer? I love Luella and Anna Sui.
Which designer(s) do you dream of strutting the catwalk for? Luella and Anna Sui, Thakoon, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang.
Do you watch America's Next Top Model? Would you want to be on the show? I watch it all the time. It's really, really good and one of my favortie shows. I do plan on auditioning for it in the future.
Do you think runway models should be a certain weight to work? (No unhealthy models) I think they should be healthy and look healthy. I also think they should be at least 90lbs unless, maybe if they are younger than 18. Nobody wants to buy something that a skeleton like body has been walking in. Or at least I wouldn't. Yuck. Also more agencies should be willing to represent Plus size models and Petites. Not everyone are 5'11 or a size 0.

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