Monday, June 9, 2008

Local Find: Filene's Basement, Steve Madden

Local Find: Steve Madden BJENN Tote
Who: Veronica
Price: $30.00 from $38.00
Store: Filene's Basement

This tote is tote-ally cute. Steve only sells it in Black, so Veronica is lucky to have gotten this BJENN bag in blue! I've seen it in hot pink as well. This bargain bag is similar to the Tory Burch Patent T-Tote... same dotted holes, but in a different pattern, same size. But... the TB Tote is $325 at Nordstrom. Personally, I'd go with Steve Madden. Great job, Veronica!

Veronica's BJENN bag. Modeled by Katie.

Valentina. Smarter Fashion Blog. 9 June 2008 .