Sunday, June 8, 2008

Flip Flop Finds

flip flopFace it: flip flops rule.
My dad calls wearing flip flops, "high school grunge". He voted on me wearing a classy pair of black ballerina strapped flats from Nordstrom instead of slipping on my black "flops". "Well, I guess I don't want to look grungy..." I had to agree, though, I did look really nice at school when I checked myself out in the mirror.
I was browsing the mall and I found some cute grunge-wear:

1. Skull and Crossbones flip flops from PacSun, $12.50.
2. Joe Boxer Striped Flip Flops, adorable! $10.00.
Some people go crazy for flip flops and want to eat CAKES that look just like their favorite flops: flip flop cake yet another view of the flip flop cake

Flip Flop
Never do this, everrr. Especially in public. JUST SAY NO.
Here are some Quick Picks:
ED HARDY FLIP FLOP, Nordstrom, I love it... $34.95. It has two fish kissing on it and looks extremely comfortable. Ahh!

Tory Burch Flip Flop, Nordstrom, $45.00. "Bird Love". I think I'd be sad if I wore these because my foot would cover up the cuteness. I'd always have my feet out of the flip flop so everyone could see my cute sandal!

Neon Zebra Flip Flops by Nollie (Pac Sun), $12.50
I think these flip flops are outlandish and totally F U N! Love 'em.
Juicy Couture, Caroline Thong (Flip Flop), $65.00
For the girlie-girls. Very cute and pink.. I just love the golden rings that decorate the strap.
Reef (my personal favorite brand), "Seaside" Flip Flops. $19.95. Brown and pink are great colors, but for this summer go with blues and greens!

Havaiana Flip Flops, "Garden" Flip Flop, $19.95. I love the earthy tones of this pair of flip flops. "Go Green", right? Well these shoes probably aren't focused on being eco-friendly, but HEY they aren't made of paper! Yay, we're not killing trees here! Rubber...

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