Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lets Talk: Shop.

So I was browsing through Wet Seal for the FIRST TIME. I used to label Wet Seal as not exactly my style, but I've realized now that some of their clothing is just fine- cute actually. I was not quite sure about this pink sequin tube top. It seems kind of Barbie, somewhat immature. Would you wear these with, say... one of the VARIOUS neon pumps Wet Seal has lined up on a wall? Here is one of the bright, neon pumps that Wet Seal has to offer. I think it would be fun to wear these to a party. They aren't particularly classy or expensive. They're very out-there. Maybe it just isn't my style. Is it yours? Comment on this!
*Check out the bangle next to it! This is what I've been saying: Big Bangles are IN!
NOOOOOOOO!!! If you ever wear shorts like these... Please give them away or wear them as pajamas. Come on! I find this pair of neon- striped shorts to be appalling. Tacky, cheap, annoying to look at! Sorry if I am offending you, but these are not in the best interest of fashion. Ooh, just imagine the green pumps and these shorts. Sorry Wet Seal!

Ah-ha! Nikki K., from Washington D.C. is sporting simple dangling earrings with little turquoise crystals. You should see her outfit as well! Navy pants, a turquoise top and just guess... just guess, yes you know it: GLADIATORS with heels! Woo! Cheering in the stands. Way to go Nikki! If you have something super cute or runway chic, email a picture to me and I will consider it!
XOXO, Johannah