Saturday, May 24, 2008

Drink Up.

Ever think about how important water is?
You've probably heard a hundred times that the earth is 75% water.
Take advantage of water! Water is fantastic because:

1. It flushes out fat from your body.
2. Helps keep your face nice and clear
In fact, Freshman Sarah Kelley brings up to five water bottles to school a day. She stores them in her locker. Her acne level is low right now and she has a slender figure. Now, I think five bottles of water= 16 oz each is a bit too much. If you are tired during the day, the number one trigger is lack of water! So drink up! Water can also:

  • ease joint pain (8-10 glasses each day)
  • helps speed up metabolism by 3%
  • if you drop 2% of your water intake, your mind can become fuzzy and it will be harder for you to concentrate in math or on the computer!

*Watch out: Have you ever felt like you were eating for no reason? You felt hungry but nothing you ate really satisfied you? It is because you are thirsty! Dehydration is a big cause for over eating! Next time you can't stop munching, drink a tall glass of water!