Monday, May 19, 2008

Hot Five of the Week: 5/18-24

This week, I have chosen the hottest, new products or items for summer. These five are must-reads! Email me,

Starting with NUMBER FIVE...

5. Great Plains Striped Tube Dress
These dresses are incredibly cute, especially with the shoulder ties. I have a blue tube dress with shoulder ties that is pretty short, so I wear it with leggings. This particular dress is super cute, but don't wear one with stripes if you are wider in the stomach area, because it will only accentuate. On the other hand, if you are as thin as a poll, or nearly as thin: enjoy this dress with the cute stripes! You can buy the Great Plains dress at Nordstrom for $98.00.
These are Juicy Couture tube dresses :-)
4. Oversized, NICE bangles, no plastic neon please!
Check out these big bangles by Cara! Click here to see them. They are each wrapped in colorful silk with crystal embellishments. The bangles come in pink/green, red/blue multicolor, pink/blue multi., or orange/red multi. Whew! Big, tasteful bangles are back in style! Have fun with it and get these Cara bangles from Nordstrom for $88! These are definitley going on my shopping list.

3. Go for colorful eyes this summer 2008!
Go into your bathroom or sit at your dressing table. Open your drawers and look into your collection of eyeshadows. Or pick up that eyeshadow you've been using constantly for the past weeks: what color is it? Mine is pink, though it used to be a tan, golden brown because it goes with everything! Here's what you need to do: run to Sephora, to an online store, or to a drug store. Pick out a brighter, more sunshine-y color like Benefit's Lust Duster. This loose, shimmering powder comes in an array of lively, but still stylish colors. Please don't go buy a crazy green, creepy color just for the sake of the trend. The color still has to have some taste. The Lust Duster is $18.00 and comes in refreshing colors such as Boom, Boom (a light, dreamy blue), Goldilocks (Yellow), and Punk Royalty (PURPLE!)- and a cool, minty green called Moon Doggie. If the Lust Duster is a bit too pricey for you, check out Rimmel London Colour Rush Mono Eyeshadow in Goddess!

2. Gladiator Heels.
I'm sorry, I already told you all about gladiator shoes, but gosh they are so darn popular! You have got to try on a pair of these chic shoes. Countless celebrity women already have and most people I know are catching on. Check out these sold out, studded gladiator heels>> by Miss Sixty for $150.49 on sale.

1. Bare-a Shoulder!
IT IS BACK: The one-shoulder-bearing-dress-with a short sleeve on the other-side! Okay, it isn't that long. The One Shoulder Dress by Emma Cook> here<>Stella McCartney Coated Canvas Appaloosa Shopper Purse. Tell me what you think! If not that purse, it would look nice with a clutch. This dress is cute, but it isn't the summer look I was going for.. its kind of dark. So...
1. Choice B: The Thigh Hugging Dress (as named by me).
I have seen this dress everywhere, from the Hills after show to the mall and parties. Wet Seal just imported their O-Ring Dress ($22.50) with a tribal look. The Ring Bust Halter Dress $22.50, at Wet Seal is a different approach to the thigh hugger!