Friday, May 16, 2008

Dirty Documentary

"Uh, oh! Someone has a dirty face!"

"Ahh, much better after a nice scrub with the microbeads. Lovely, but..."

Way Better!! I can tell you used the new and purely awesome Tinted Moisturizer by Smashbox!

This summer, stop patting on more dry, flaky, or thick foundation... I mean, we are supposed to look like we aren't wearing any makeup right? "I swear to you, this is my real face! No Makeup!"... Haha, I wish! You can look flawless, not feel like your face is fake, and avoid sun damage with the Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer for $30.00 (because it rocks) at Sephora or straight from Smashbox. This moisturizer is TINTED, which means it has color and will even out your skin = do not apply foundation afterward! It is also OIL-FREE and LIGHTWEIGHT! My friend bought this and I am totally jealous. This smashing moisturizer comes in five different shades, ranging from fair to dark. If you are tired of applying foundation and want to slip on some moisturizer and tint SIMULTANEOUSLY, buy this product from Smashbox.


RocSun said...

that sounds great!!
and i love the pictures.
Great blog, cant wait till the next one :)

Angie hearts said...

great tips!!