Friday, July 11, 2008

What to Wear: Day 1

Need help getting dressed? Style Writer to the rescue! Whether you need specific items to buy or just inspiration for outfits to wear to school, work, or play... this series of outfits will get you on your way.

Outfit #1:

Fred Perry "Intarsia Knit Top", about $165.00 (Posers, L.A.)

Cotton spandex skinny jeans, about $170.

Colin Stuart "Mary Jane pump" in BLACK, two pairs for $80.00
(Victoria's Secret)

Ciro Collecizone Dimensional Bangle in BLACK, $48.00 (Nordstrom)

Here is why I love this outfit:

This outfit includes a pair of classic Mary Janes and the knit top looks totally school girl. These two factors together make for a classy, good girl appearance... but I added in some edge: skinny jeans, Mary Jane pumps, and the asymmetrical, black bangle.

Total Amount: $423.00... but you can find clothes and accessories like these for a much lesser price. Trust your instinct, your intuition, and your blogger!

xoxo, Johannah.