Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hair Accessories from Betsey Johnson

00Hey! I'm not one to buy really expensive ponytail holders or barrettes, but I wanted you too see some from Betsey Johnson. These are under $50, but I still think that is expensive, so you can always go to Target for nice looking hair accessories or Nordstrom!

France Luxe Braided Headband
Tasha Skinny Headband with Enamel Flowers
Tasha Butterfly Headband
xoxo. Would you wear the butterfly one? I would! It is so unique... omgosh I would love to wear it out and surprise people.


Belle said...

I really like the Tasha Skinny Headband. I am with you, I wouldn't pay a lot for hair accessories.

Johannah said...

I am still headband hunting at the mall for some cute ones! Any ideas? Thanks for commenting.

enc said...

Those are pretty; I wish my hair would tolerate more accessories. Most of them just slip out!