Friday, July 18, 2008

BB DAKOTA: the unknown brand

You've probably seen BB Dakota ads in Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Nylon, InTouch, or Jane. Or not. Perhaps you've never heard of BB Dakota. You've never seen their strangely normal looking photos of girls in posh clothes posing with trees or looking bored at a party. Girls with bunny rabbit masks on... hmm...

BB Dakota's sexy, confident, classy clothes by Gloria Brandes took their first catwalk in 2005. Offering its customers “big fashion at small prices” is our mission says Gloria Brandes, founder and chief designer at BB Dakota. “We try to make great fashion more accessible.” Her sensible clothes can be found at quality department stores and boutiques across the globe.

Personally, I always glance at the BB DAKOTA ads in Teen Vogue and wonder what it is exactly. So, I visited the website. I was very pleased with the arrangement, nothing too confusing. Simple and chic. Save Darfur and Stop Global Warming stickers were on display at the bottom of the About section. Cool notes, rhythms, and voices captured my attention- in different languages! I also LOVE Brandes' clothes!! Here are some of my favorite FALL looks:

KISS OR DISS, LADIES? Comment! Xoxo.


Anonymous said...

i love it! i've never heard of them before but i'll definitely check them out