Monday, May 26, 2008

Hot Five of the Week: 5/25-31

Hey, time for the HOT FiVE of the Week! I'm going to dish on the latest trends coming up this season.
Starting at number five...
5. Mr. Rogers was right all along!RM40.00, LONG CARDIGAN, GRAY

Long cardigans are in for summer. Mr. Rogers from the Mr. Rogers show (if you are not familiar) used to wear cardigans every episode. He was totally on the money the whole time!-(except for the fact that his weren't long... whatever.) Forget about labeling cardigans as old and grandma style, because the Cotton Cashmere Cardigan by Cynthia Steffe is available at Nordstrom for $295 whopping dollars and it is super cute!

4. Ever seen a European in white jeans and thought, "Whaaa?"White Jeans

You know you've seen a European guy dressed in ALL WHITE. I know I have and I thought he was pretty strange. Guess what? Oh, you already know... White Denim is making its debut in the U.S.A. this summer! A pair of white hot skinny jeans? Hmm... ;)

3. Bring on the frills! Frilly White evening dress

This summer, throw on a light, frilly day dress, put on your over sized shades and hit the road! As your hair waves wildly in the breeze, as you are driving down the twisted road that overlooks the ocean, you see a group of cute guys with their boards. You do an effortless flip of your shining hair and give the brood a quick, sexy smile. When you arrive at the shopping strip, you can automatically tell at the girls are jealous of you because you are wearing... the Miss Me Couture Peasant Crochet dress. You can tell it is going to be a fantastic day for shopping.

2. Hoola-Hoopgirl hoop earrings

I'm not a fan of hoop earrings, unless they are small.. but Eva Longoria sure does love her giant hoops! Tiffany and Co. has a brilliant pair of silver hoop earrings for $425. If that is not in your price range, Ice sells a fifty dollar pair here and they are diamond studded! Lets just see if this trend grows... is the big hoop earring trend ever been popular in your area? Comment!!

1. Bright Crayon-colored bathing suits!Pink Bikini

FINALLY, the moment you've been waiting for: "Johannah is talking about bathing suits!" Well, I'm not going to give away all the summer tricks and tips for buying the cutest suit yet (There will be a Hottest Suits post for you!).

But I must say, go for bolder and brighter bikini colors!


Anonymous said...

i love # 5 and #4, and you are totally right. when people use to see europeans they thought they were weird,when really they are just ahead in their style. :)
good job

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